If you're a romance author looking to captivate your audience and build a devoted readership, you understand the importance of a strong online presence. In a digital age where connections are forged through social media, having a strategic and engaging online strategy is key to your success. That's where I come in – your dedicated social media manager, ready to help you shine in the vast landscape of digital storytelling.


Basic PA Author Service

  • Send inquiry for Price
  • Inclusions:
    • 10 hours of assistance
    • Cross platform scheduling (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok) using client’s ready-made content.
    • Account maintenance & engagement.
    • Email management and Calendar Management

Premium PA Author Service

  • Send inquiry for price
  • Inclusions:
    • 20 hours of assistance
    • Developing a comprehensive social media content calendar.
    • Crafting engaging and creative posts, captions, and visuals.
    • Responding promptly to comments and messages.
    • Identifying and utilizing relevant hashtags and trends.
    • Coordinating with the author to align content with their vision.
    • Monitoring and moderating discussions for a positive online environment.
    • Providing regular reports on social media performance and engagement.
    • Suggesting strategies for continuous improvement and growth.
    • Basic Website Creation & Management
    • Media Kits & Graphics for Book Signings, Queries, & Book Tours

I can also offer custom service. Price will be dependent on what service would be provided. Feel free to contact me so we can arrange this.

Still Graphic Pricing

  • 1 graphic - $10
  • 2 graphics - $18
  • 5 graphics - $35
  • 10 graphics - $70

Tiktok/IG Reels Pricing

  • 1 tiktok/IG reel for $12.


I am currently open to reviewing books for a nominal fee of $10. You will be providing me with the date and time you would want me to upload my review on my blog or on other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, or Amazon). The type of review this will come with will be at my discretion. Please check my previous reviews for how I normally write and present my reviews. There is no charge for review requests that does not provide any specific time frame.

However, for an extra charge of $3, you have the option to select the specific type of review you'd prefer.

For trilogy/duology/series reviews, the series must be completed. Additionally, fees may vary depending on the number of books in your series.

Please note that all my reviews will be fully unbiased. In the event that I do not find the book(s) to my liking, I will refrain from posting a review and privately communicate with you the reason why it did not work for me. It would be then up to you if you would still prefer that I post my review.

Any request that has not been responded to within 7 business days is considered declined.


Book spotlight post, Instagram features, author interviews, cover reveals, etc., will start at $10 per post for customized post. The pricing is subject to adjustment if additional posts are needed. If post will be provided, price will start at $5.


Are you ready to take your romance author brand to new heights? Work with me, and together, we'll weave a narrative that resonates across social media platforms, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of your readers.

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